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The Last Naruto Movie Eng Sub Download leelbri




They first enter the temple as Naruto and Sasuke battle in the middle of the temple; the battle eventually comes to a halt as Naruto and Sasuke separate from each other for a brief moment. Sasuke ultimately wins, and both he and Naruto go into hiding. The next day, Kakashi goes to the to meet the shinobi team. After Kakashi explains why they had to take Hanabi away, Naruto is in denial for a brief moment before apologizing to Hanabi. Kakashi then explains that Hanabi's "master" had her forcefully taken away from the, whom he says are "terrifying" and very, very dangerous. Kakashi explains that the team was sent to watch Hanabi, but Naruto and the others didn't know what Hanabi was being fed. He then reveals that she is the and Naruto states that she can see him and he can see her. The two then decide to put their differences aside and work together to save Hanabi from "the bad guys". Kakashi gives Naruto and the others two days to rescue Hanabi. On the second day, Naruto and the others go to the to meet Kakashi. There, they discover a man named, a close friend of the other four from their days at the academy. He then tells Naruto about the five, who he says were created to protect the kingdom. Hinata soon reveals to Naruto that she saw the man in the valley; after she describes him, Naruto mentions how he looked. Kakashi reveals that the man is, who he says is highly skilled and can use an unusual that Naruto claims can only be used by one person in the entire world. Naruto believes that they should have gone to find the man, as he can teach the group of five how to use their abilities. In a later scene, Sasuke is trapped inside an impenetrable crystal chamber by . Naruto and his team enter the chamber to find Sasuke and try to free him, but they are all caught in a fight with the five. Kakashi claims that he has Hanabi, but the five, who are in the form of five kittens, convince Naruto that they have her. The five then trap Naruto in the middle of the chamber, where they are about to eat Naruto. Hinata then appears, rescuing Naruto, and Naruto and Sasuke resume their fight with the five. Sakura has her x-shaped formed, but the five are soon transported away by a colossal creature, who is revealed to be (or "Mr




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The Last Naruto Movie Eng Sub Download leelbri

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